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Coin/Prize Boards


Western Distributing Co. has been instrumental in placing hundreds of Coin/Prize Boards in many locations across the state each year.  Western Distributing also sells pull-tab dispensing machines that can be used with the Coin/Prize Boards.  This enables the Coin/Prize Board to be played without the assistance of a charity employee.  Coin/Prize Boards offer a high percentage of return for the charity that, mixed with great prizes, can be a big benefit for any charity. 
We have many different prizes available and work with the bar and charity to get what their customers want - collectible coins, gift cards (Scheels, 3 Be Meats, Butcher Block, etc), TVs, gun safes, Weber grills, and even ice houses.  The most popular boards are the guns.  We try to follow the season - shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc.  One of our best sellers is the Henry Golden Boy. 

 Please contact us for more information. 

 MiniMax 2C

Mini Max

Expandable 2 Column Pull Tab Vending Machine



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