Coin/Prize Boards


In the past year we have placed several hundred Coin/Prize Boards in many locations across the state.  Most are using a pull-tab dispensing machine.  This enables the Prize Board to be played without the assistance of a charity employee.  Coin Boards offer a high percentage of return for the charity that, mixed with great prizes, can be a big benefit for any charity.  We also offer the traditional coin boards.
We have many different prizes available and work with the bar and charity to get what their customers want - collectible coins, competitive dart boards, TVs, and even ice houses.  The most popular boards are the guns.  We try to follow the season - shotguns, rifles, varmint guns, etc.  One of our best sellers is the Henry Golden Boy.  It really shows well in the bars.  Other prizes have included Harley clocks, Nascar items, 2-way radios, jackets, Elvis merchandise, and many different hunting accessories.


In October 2006 a charity installed 2 machines. During their first month they sold 7 boards.  In 10 months they sold 21 boards.  This was a great profit for their charity and their town.

Another charity has really seen the benefit of selling our prize boards.  Over the years they have tried other boards from other companies and just did not have much success selling them.  When they started with our machine in June 2007, they were able to sell 13 boards in 3 months. 

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